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The large project, which I realize at the moment is my multi site content management system. Derived from the analysis for an application of a trip portals it was crystallising as independent and flexibele product, which might be base for diverse Web projects.

There are many project ideas for applications with, which are partly already more or less well analyzed - in front the trip portal infratour. Meanwhile there are portals and web pages already for nearly each conceivable range - much good and much bad and more or less well established. offers a platform, which could enhance many existing solutions with its web page interconnection capabilities and its semantic inner life. Which of these projects are realized depends of whether an investor and a powerful team can be found.

For the following project ideas there are analyses or thoughts:

  • infratour - a trip portal for nature tourists.
  • emedico - a portal for the range practices, medicine and health.
  • a catering trade portal - offer, vegetarian, barrier arm, recommendations, evaluations
  • a cultural- and eventportal - organizer, mechanisms, artist, volume, dates
  • a sport portal - associations, training dates, play enterprise, leagues, crews, players
  • regional portals - municipalities, administrative districts, regions, tourism federations

The most important difference to existing solutions is that all instances involved within the network may have individual web page and portals with own corporate identity, which nevertheless can make use of contents and functionalities of other web pages and portals. So the municipality can offer all walking tracks from the around area from the trip portal on their homepage. On the homepage of a long distance track the turning and overnight accomodations along the way from the catering trade portal could be called up.