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I am experienced with Java web development and can offer different services in this area. As a software architect I can become advisory active for you and sketch for you software architectures for new web applications. Since I am more practical man than theoreticians, I also gladly take the keyboard into the hand and arouse things to the life.

I can handle smaller projects for you completely - from analysis and Design over implementation and test up to the installation and hosting. In larger projects I cooperate gladly in your team and bring in my know-how and my ideas also.

In addition my self developed multi user multi site CMS even is a good platform for most diverse Web applications and could flow totally or partly into your application. From this project I gathered also to a lot of finished modules and components.

As frontend technology for my web applications I love to use the open source AJAX framework ZK, which has a rich ready to use component set and is easilyy to extend with customized components. A small overview of the possibilities is to be seen on the ZK Live demo application.